I am a Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) survivor. First diagnosed in 2008, I have received treatment at many different levels, to include an inpatient stay. At my worst, I was suicidal and homicidal and the only thing that kept me from ending my life was my amazing support system. This struggle has affected my whole family. They’ve watched me fight an internal war with no way to properly explain what was going on inside. In a healing process that can either split a family apart or make them stronger, I am thankful that I fall into the latter category. In addition to the support my family provided, I have used a number of resources to aid in my recovery. I have found that it is not just one thing that helped, but it was a combination of treatment modalities that gave me a chance at a healthy, productive, and happier life. The symptoms of PTSD affected many different aspects of my life, so it only made sense that I push myself to try different types of treatment. This is where Jeanette and Structure for Wounded Warriors comes in to play. I first met Jeanette at an Air Force Wounded Warrior (AFW2) sporting event. She was providing free therapeutic massages to the veterans who were working hard to participate in the sports program. As you can imagine, she was very busy trying to take care of all of us as we pushed ourselves to new limits. Jeanette and her staff made getting a massage easy, as she understands the physical and emotional challenges that warriors face. She taught me that adding massage therapy decreases the physical pain I have, and at the same time aids in anxiety reduction. Both the pain and the anxiety prevented me from sleeping well, thus exacerbating the overall sense of well-being. Although I was initially hesitant to receive a massage, I am indebted to her for easing me into this style of treatment. It has opened my eyes to the benefits that massage has to decreasing my PTSD symptoms. Following the AFW2 event, the Structure for Wounded Warriors program followed me home. Jeanette took the time to communicate with me about my needs and even did the homework to find qualified therapists in my area who were willing to assist me. She also provided the therapist with the information he would need to make my sessions as productive as possible. I am grateful for Jeanette and the service she is providing for veterans. Without her, this new world of recovery would not have been experienced. -Dave